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CitrusBlue has been preparing healthy meals since 2012.  We opened our doors in Katy on June 29th 2015.


Our meals are made with quality ingredients from local grass fed beef  to hormone and antibiotic free chicken, organic cheeses, coconut oil, organic butter, olive oils, and organic veggies.

We offer a variety of meals from balanced to low carb to Paleo. Our regular portioned meal offers 3-4 oz of protein and our large offers 5-6oz of protein. 90% of our meals are gluten free.

Our meals are prepared fresh daily at CitrusBlue. The meals are portioned and individually packaged to take on the go, or heat and eat right at CitrusBlue. Every meal is measured to meet the FDA labeling nutrition guidelines, including allergens.

CitrusBlue would like to invite you to take our Challenge for Life. Eating wisely for a long, healthy life should take you no less than a lifetime. With a little help from CitrusBlue, exercising clean nutrition will become a way of LIFE.

Suzanne Takla, MEd, RD

Suzanne’s history in nutrition and exercise began at Michigan State University where she earned an undergraduate degree in Dietetics. With a passion for sports nutrition, she pursued a Masters degree in Exercise Sport Science. Her career includes Clinical Dietetics, an Adjunct Teacher at Madonna University in the Department of Nutrition, and for many years a Fitness Trainer. During her 4-year span in Chicago as a fitness trainer, she began cooking healthy Mediterranean food for a few of her clients and co-workers. Her decision to pursue healthy cooking full-time led her to Katy, Texas where family resides, and the needed support to grow Citrus Blue.