Eat better, starting today! Start with day 1 and let us make it easy for you by providing nutritious, delicious food, one-day-at-a-time. The owner and Registered Dietitian Suzanne oversees the programs and will assist you in implement strategies and behavioral changes to achieve the best results.

We offer 2 different programs

Both programs per day include

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • 2 snacks (1 Hi-Protein & 1 Delight)

What is the difference between the two programs?

  • The 21 Day Reset is a total of 3 weeks. You are provided with meals and snacks Monday - Sunday.
  • The 5 Days On & 2 Days Off is a total of 15 days. You are provided with meals and snacks Monday – Friday.

Can I eat whatever I want over the weekend on the 5 Day Program?

Unfortunately, no. This program allows you to have some freedom over the weekend however you need to be prepared to make the right food choices and focus on portion control.

What happens if I get invited to lunch or dinner or my work brings in lunch?

It’s ok to skip one meal, you can freeze it for a later day. Deciding to eat out once will not break your program if you focus on portion control.

What happens when the program ends?

It’s up to you. Many clients continue with programming if their weight loss goal is greater than 6lbs. Some clients down shift from the 21-day to the 5-day program. Also, we have many clients that only want breakfast, lunch, and dinner but no snacks. You also have the option to grab and go at your comfort to help you stay on track with your goals.

Who picks out my meals?

Surprisingly, most clients prefer Suzanne the owner and Registered Dietitian to pick out their meals. However, if you are a picky eater or don’t mind doubles of some items you can pick out your own meals.

Can I modify the program?

The only modification you can make is eliminating the snacks or changing your snack options to 2 hi-protein vs. 1 hi-protein and 1 delight. Also, at any time during the program, if we need to adjust the portion of your meal we will accommodate.

How often do I pick up my meals? (Or Delivered)

Meals are delivered or picked up 2X per week for variety and freshness. Each day is bagged up separately to simplify the day for you.

What will I learn from doing a program?

For starters we want you to learn that healthy food can taste amazing and not bland or boring. Second, we want to teach you portion control. Also, we will help you identify personal behaviors that can be modified or changed. Lastly, you will lose anywhere from 6lbs – 10lbs on either program.

How do I pay?

We do not contract you into a program, as a result do not pay upfront. If you choose delivery, we do require a credit card on file. You will be charged once a week for the whole week if we deliver plus a delivery fee. If you choose to pick up your meals, you will be charged with each pickup (2x per week).

How do I get started?

Call us at 832.437.2229 to schedule an appointment to fill out a nutrition questionnaire form at our store (walk-ins welcome) or click here to fill out on-line.