Just wanted you to know that I have really enjoyed the meals I’ve received from Citrus Blue. I needed to lose some weight, lower my blood pressure, eat the correct foods, and reinforce portion control.
After one month of the daily planned meals, I started ordering on a weekly basis. Since April of 2016 through August of 2016, I have lost a total of 15 lbs. With 15 lbs. left to lose, I will continue to use Citrus Blue for my healthy and portion-controlled meals. Thank you for your support and attention. I truly enjoy the quality of the meals.

Evydell Santana

I love the meals I get from Citrus Blue, and I highly recommend them! I eat them for dinner and have lost weight over the past several months. The best part is how delicious they are! The meals are well thought out for health and for great taste. The food is flavorful, well cooked, and smartly portioned. I love the variety of meals and flavor profiles. I eat Citrus Blue for dinner most nights, and I am never bored with the selection. Before trying Citrus Blue, I used to dread what I was going to have for dinner, now I look forward to each evening's meal!

Beth Stevens, Client

CitrusBlue's food is of the highest quality, tastes amazing and is healthy for you! For the same price as going out for a sit-down meal, my family enjoys food that is healthy for them and they love. Plus, I don't feel guilty about what I'm feeding them. We still relax in our home, around the table, and eat together. I get to combine convenience with the values around food I aspire to deliver to my family but do not always have the time to produce myself.

For 21 Day Reset:

A year after my third child was born, I was struggling to lose the last, stubborn bit of weight and my appetite was used to much bigger portions and eating sweets freely from several years of pregnancy and nursing. After my third weaned, I had bad habits that were hard to kick plus the metabolism changes that aging brings. I tried and failed different diets and eating restrictions because I could not overcome the desire for sweets.

Suzanne worked with me to understand my greatest cravings and kinds of foods I liked - it took less than an hour to go through all my likes, dislikes, struggles and goals. Then, she did all the work. The first week was hard because my appetite was adjusting and I did struggle with learning appropriate portion sizes again. However, I felt no ill effects like I had with other diets where sugars or carbs are cut out. I even had more energy. I looked forward to all my food, enjoyed eating everything I was packed, and I had for my sweet tooth that were incorporated daily.

I really did not feel deprived at all. By the end of the first week, I did not feel hungry anymore and was able to easily stay within food proportions. By the end of the third week, I met my weight loss goal but more importantly, I saw the changes in my body that I had not been able to realize after a year of working out and attempting diets like Weight Watchers and low/no carbs. It was finally encouraging to go to the gym because I could visibly see the results that combining healthy eating with the gym produce. I lost the last bit of weight that brought me to my pre-first pregnancy number (actually pretty close to my wedding weight!!!); but, more of an accomplishment, as I dropped 3 percentage points in body fat.

I'm now working to maintain on my own. I work with family size portions from CitrusBlue for the days/meals I'm too busy to make myself and portion out. I am incorporating eating with my family again and continuing to see slow, sustainable changes in all our food choices. The biggest thing I have gained is a reset for my appetite that is making it easy/normal to maintain the changes.
I really did not think just 3 weeks was going to be long enough to produce meaningful results. On day 5, I was really starting to doubt and wonder if it was worth it. However, I pushed through and saw significant shifts and breakthroughs by the end of week 1 and momentum just built from there. I'm very glad I made the investment in myself to complete the 21 Day Reset!

Regan Wynn

I met my weight loss goal for the year. I attribute most of the achievement to your meals and the plan. With your meal plan I lost over 20 lbs in the last 4 months. I am ready for a greater year with bigger goals and with your help I know I can achieve it.